About Us

KEIT LTD has been developing systems and technologies for product and document security for many years, providing unique solutions for our customers. We have gained excellent reputation for the design and supply of laser systems, software and technologies based on our experience and extensive knowledge. We provide ready solutions and products as well as custom design machines.

Our core expertise includes:

Laser and optical technologies

Custom design machines

System integration

Software developing

Market solutions:

Document security

Security technologies

Laser into the industry

KEIT LTD, design and supplies various personalization and numeration machines to the security printing market. We can offer you laser, letterpress and inkjet solutions for passports, identity cards and sheet documents with various security features. We develop our own security feature such as encrypted marking and code of material, to provide our customers maximum security, track and trace and mobile reading solutions for document and product protection. Combining our expertise and leading laser and optics providers we can apply laser solutions to meet any customer requirement. Integration into production line or separate machine, processing all type of materials we have solution for you.