Laser machine for perforation of IDs, Passports and Visas

Basic features:

  • laser perforation of image, logo or numbering;
  • handling passport booklets of 32, 48 and 64 pages including cover or e-cover, ID cards
  • positioning virtually everywhere possible for laser perforation over the document
  • Air-cooled design;
  • laser perforation of customer defined sequences of letter and digits, images, face image;
  • barcode reader integrated for generating perforation image
  • ePassport RFID reader integrated for generating perforation image from ePassport or ID chip id
  • import of sequences for perforation from file
  • ultimate performance and quality of laser perforation
  • Windows based or PIN user authentication.
  • Database Connectivity to any relational database.
  • Easy integration;
  • Up to 600 passports per hour;