Brand Protection

Most of the companies -multi-national or medium-sized-  all over the world and from all industry sectors invest a significant percentage of their revenue into building brand awareness and company reputation. Their target is to strengthen customers, consumers or patients’ safety while improving product quality. On the other hand, the increasingly competitive environment forces companies to seek cheaper alternatives, outsourcing of some of their activities to lower-cost markets, which increases the complexity of supply chains. Our company provides product and brand protection solutions and services to industry with the aim of ensuring product and supply chain integrity. With our security features Encrypted marking, encrypted logo, code of material, and encrypted numbering we can find most secure, reliable and cheep solution for our customers.
Recognising that R&D and innovation are critical drivers of technical enhancements, customer satisfaction and business growth, KEIT continuously invests in its core technologies, with the aim of delivering the most flexible, robust and cost-effective product and supply chain integrity solutions.
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