Documents fraud can have a huge impact on a country’s national security and economy. In order to assist governments to make more secure passports KEIT has developed various security solutions and security features.

Passport security by numbering


Whatever you need inkjet, laser or impact numbering KEIT has a solution to offer you. Based on our commitment to provide our customers for solutions that fully fit to their requirements and demands, all our machines can be always customized according to our customer’s exact needs:

Modular passport pre-personalization machine
Passport laser perforation numbering machine
Letterpress (Impact) numbering machine

We can further increase the security of the passport numeration with our security features – encrypted marking and code of material.
Our numbering solutions are used by  Austrian state printing house (OSD) , American banknote, Security printing press –Oman and others.



Passport personalization security


KEIT offers manual and automatic machines for passport personalization that include laser perforation and/or laser engraving. Combining face image perforation and our patented solution encrypted marking we can provide our customers with one of the most secure security solutions for passports all over the world, such solution is implemented in Cyprus passports together with Bundesdruckerei – Germany.

We can offer modular automatic personalization machine that suits any customer needs including laser perforation and engraving, or manual machines such as:

ID & Passport perforation personalization machine