Passport typographic numbering machine

Basic features:

  • Passport numbering by numbering head and ribbon
  • any type of numbering – impression and/or hot stamping
  • positioning virtually everywhere possible for numbering over the passport
  • all wheels are computer driven
  • no limitation of the number of the wheels
  • impression numbering via carbon tape
  • hot stamping – easy temperature adjustment
  • handling any kind of passport booklets of 32, 48 and 64 pages
  • barcode reader integrated for generating number from barcode
  • ePassport RFID reader integrated for generating number from a ePassport chip id
  • easy positioning over entire area of the passport page in any direction
  • any kind of fonts (including arrabic, barcode etc.)
  • Windows based or PIN user authentication.
  • Database Connectivity to any relational database.
  • Easy integration;
  • Up to 600 passports per hour;